What’s New

v1.8.0.4 (12th January 2022)

New Feature: Support added for changing date formats on report documents

New Feature: Suggest a Feature added to user menu

Fix: Scan code focus for Pick Pack Verify and Quick Despatch

Fix: TaxJar - Product Code not setting against Stock Type

Fix: Apply Value Range for Reorder Report and Tags dialog

Fix: Grid mobile totals improvements

v1.8.0.3 (23rd November 2021)

New Feature: Invoices can now be marked as Disputed, excluding them from Statements

Fix: Performing a Refund against a Customer Return no longer errors

Fix: CRM leads not opening their details when double-clicked

Fix: Sales Orders not being marked as Paid on the Sales Order list when processed via Opayo

v1.8.0.1 (16th November 2021)

New Feature: Sales Order Import changed to allow the importing of Issued orders

Fix: When a Default Site was set against a User, the system was not logging them into that Site

v1.8.0.0 (5th November 2021)

New Feature: Add a field to Channel Sync to clarify whether PriceList prices are sent through as Net or Gross

Fix: Date pickers - improvements to keyboard and general formatting/logic

Fix: SIM AutoIssue was not working correctly

v1.7.9.8 (26th October 2021)

New Feature: Integrated Shipping Labels are now supported for Picking / Despatch reports

New Feature: The system can now lookup US addresses in addition to UK addresses

New Feature: It is now possible to Print directly from Quick Despatch

New Feature: A customer address can now be marked as requiring a Customs Invoice

New Feature: The system's date format can now be set in Account Settings (dd/mm/yyyy | mm/dd/yyyy | yyyy/mm/dd)

New Feature: US States have been added to System Data (for US Systems only)

New Feature: Added notification content for failed emails

New Feature: EBay channel option added to use their IOSS number

Change: When search by code on the Purchase Order List, the system will ignore the date filter

Change: An Enabled column has been added to the Channels List

Change: Some Pick/pack/verify controls have been hidden when used from the SIM, rather than from Quick Despatch

Fix: The Sales Invoice date will be set when first printed, even when the order has been imported from a channel

Fix: It was not possible to download Exchange Rates in [System Data | Currency Conversions]

Fix: BigCommerce orders' delivery charges were being overwritten when imported