Khaos Control Cloud Support

Using Khaos Control Cloud

This section covers the basics of how to use Khaos Control Cloud with how to get started, how the user interface works, managing users, and other useful information for a new customer.


The accounts functionality offers a wide variety of financial reports, nominal account management and actions. You can use either the integrated accounts or link to an external platforms such as Xero and Quickbooks.

Backorder Management

The Backorder Management functionality helps you handle sales orders with products that are currently out of stock, but will be fulfilled in the future.

Conditions Engine

The Conditions Engine functionality allows you to create sets of Conditions and Actions. The Conditions and Actions focuses on manipulating sales orders based on certain criteria.

Currencies and Countries

The currency and country functionalities provide you with everything you need to handle sales orders from around the world, including currency conversion rates, country zones, and more.

Channels & Integrations

Connect to external sales channels, couriers, platforms, marketplaces, and stores to expand the capabilities of Khaos Control Cloud. Once connected you can manage your listings, shipments, subscribers, download orders, and more.


Companies refer to your customers and suppliers. You can add a company within multiple locations of Khaos Control Cloud - the most popular ways is to create via the Company screen.


Create view and edit your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data. Keep track of customer communications, ongoing sales leads, quotation requests, and merge company accounts easily.

Dashboard Charts

Learn how to setup automatically-updating custom charts on your system dashboard.

Data Import

The Data Import functionality allows you to import various types of data into Khaos Control Cloud, including customers, sales order, and price lists.

Document & Email Settings

This section covers how to setup and customise your documents, as well as how to configure your email settings, how to setup email triggers, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions about Khaos Control Cloud, including common actions, billing and error messages.

Pick Pack & Despatch

Use Sales Invoice Manager (SIM) or Quick Despatch to process sales orders with ease. Manage the pick, pack and despatch process with tools designed to increase efficiency.


View and manger special offers, price lists, discounts via keycodes to your products with various company/order qualification requirements.


Manage your business purchasing and stock replenishments with simple to use purchase management. View and create purchase orders based on reordering tools and supplier returns.


This section covers how to view various types of reports within Khaos Control Cloud, such as sales figures, profit margins, and more.


Keep track of all returns throughout your business, whether from a supplier or customer. Process and track returns exchanges, credit notes or refunds.

Sales Orders

Sales orders can also be quotations, credit notes, customer returns and proformas. The sales order screen offers many actions such printing documentation and changing addresses.

Stock Items

Create, view, and edit your stock item properties in one place. View stock movements, add stock images for easy reference and explore purchase/sales history.

Stock Tools

Use the advanced stock tools to adjust stock levels quickly, create purchase orders in bulk and manage multiple stock variants (Size, Colour, Style).