What’s New

v1.8.2.9 (8th August 2022)

New Feature: [Sales Invoice Manager] can now be filtered by PO Number

Fix: ShipEngine will now export weights as expected

v1.8.2.8 (2nd August 2022)

New Feature: [Channels | Amazon] Buy Shipping SP API support added

v1.8.2.2 (11th July 2022)

New Feature: [Channels | Amazon] SP API Authorise button added

v1.8.2.10 (10th August 2022)

New Feature: Couriers can now have a URL set for sending tracking links to customers

v1.8.2.1 (1st July 2022)

New Feature: [System Set-up | Conditions Engine] allows for automated Sales Order management

New Feature: OtherRef can now be shown on the [Stock List], via Visible Columns

Fix: The [Promotions | Customer PriceList] filter was not working

Fix: Some Grids were not Exporting Data correctly