What’s New

v1.7.2.6 (17th November 2020)

New Feature: ShipTheory Service Codes can now be looked-up and set without Support needing to be involved

Fix: Sales Invoice Manager DragDrop permission was not being shown in User Permissions

v1.7.2.1 (27th October 2020)

New Feature: Added 'Please Wait' message for Issue invoice and Assign to courier

New Feature: Stock List has a new Grid Action, 'Mark Stock Items as Changed', which is useful for telling integrations (Channels, Xero) that a stock item should be uploaded

New Feature: Added grid action to allow delivery notes to be processed on mobile

Change: Auto unlock stock itemss when trying to update from purchase orders and purchase invoices

Change: When emailing invoice reports that don't have a Document Type email assigned, the fall back will be the invoice contact, not the delivery contact

Change: Pack header items' weights are now excluded from Picking/Invoice reports

Fix: The Contact Type in the CRM detail was showing a number instead of the dropdown values

Fix: Stop values highlighted on the Delivery Note from triggering the double-click event on the bottom grid

v1.7.1.7 (4th October 2020)

New Feature: New support for Finance Payments via the BigCommerce channel

Fix: Improve Channel stock level sync, by preventing duplicate data and data from other sites

v1.7.1.2 (22nd September 2020)

New Feature: It is now possible to import the Shipping Note from the EKM channel

Fix: shipping details not being saved when more than one box has been specified

v1.7.1.1 (21st September 2020)

New Feature: Add 'Maximum Qty to Upload' and 'Minimum Qty to Upload' to Channel Integrations to allow for caps on stock levels

Fix: ShipTheory shipping method not populating