What’s New

v1.7.5.7 (17th March 2021)

New Feature: State address verification warning, when a customer's country is set to US

Fix: Release invoice action from future stages

Fix: Delete payment from statement

v1.7.5.3 (10th March 2021)

New Feature: A Brexit change - INCO terms can be defined in [System Data] and added to a Sales Order for Invoice Printing

Change: Xero wording changed to be more generic in preparation for a future Quickbooks integration release

Change: Grid will scroll automatically when navigating with the tab and arrow keys

Fix: Stop error when processing a Customer Return that requires the Sale Source to be set

v1.7.5.2 (25th February 2021)

New Feature: It is now possible to update existing Stock Items, using the Importer, even if you do not have a full set of data fields. For example, columns STOCK_CODE and SELL_PRICE would update just the Sell Price for existing items

New Feature: [System Data | Courier Bandings] now allows couriers to be auto-selected based on volume, in addition to the other triggers

Fix: New Payment Remittance Report not showing invoice details when payment was allocated to an SPLedger invoice

v1.7.4.9 (19th February 2021)

New Feature: Supplier Payment Remittance Report

New Feature: Email, telephone and website values can now be clicked on to open relevant applications

Fix: Printing of invoice reports was very slow in some cases

Fix: SPLedger items not refreshing correctly

Fix: SPLedgers not using the correct date when sending to Xero

v1.7.4.8 (18th February 2021)

Fix: Postcode lookup styling & selection fix for the default item

Fix: Dropdowns not always closing if you click around the screen

Fix: Error when Copying a Sales Order

Fix: Error when booking in stock for Back Orders

Change: Channel Type selection dropdown now includes company logos