What’s New

v1.1.0.0 (3rd April 2017)

Added integration with your Amazon, eBay and Shopify channels, allowing you to import and process your orders within Khaos Control Cloud
Added new Report templates, with a much cleaner design, for Order Acknowledgement, Sales Invoice, Delivery Note and Customer Statement
Improved mobile interface, making improvements to functionality and usability
Numerous improvements and bug squishing across the board

v1.0.8.0 (9th February 2017)

Added the ability to set User Permissions, allowing you to restrict certain users from accessing various parts of the system
Added the ability to enter Customer and Supplier Opening Balance transactions for debt amounts owned, when you first starting using the system
Added a User List where user level defaults for Invoice Priority, Sales Source and Site can be defined
Implemented the ability to use the barcode scanning feature on mobile devices
Fixed issues with database connections becoming invalid
Further Mobile UI improvements

v1.0.7.0 (17th January 2017)

Fixed most issues that occured when multiple users were logged into the system at once
Fixed an issue on the stock adjustments screen with the note not being cleared
Fixed the grid CSV export not working on grids that were inside a popover
Fixed the Create New... button at the top of the screen not being correct at certain points
Fixed the Stock Adjustments screen not updating the edit mode colour in the navigation bar
Fixed an issue with pinned lookup filters not working correctly
Fixed IE8 causing a crash, will now warn the user to update their browser if they are on IE 10 or below
Fixed the data import popover getting stuck if something went wrong during the import process
Fixed the picking note report stock codes column bringing back errornous data
Fixed page counting issues on the grid
Fixed data import not picking up on duplicate ID errors
Fixed issues with validating inputs on grids
Fixed the command line not keeping focus when an invalid command was entered
Fixed an issue when attempting to create a new sales order from a freshly saved sales order
Fixed the image upload not working correctly on the system data screen
Alpha release of (another) new mobile UI, but this time we're sticking with this design!
A new company that is created during sales order creation will now prompt the user to continue with the sales order creation upon saving
Drag/drop hint on the trial balance has been improved
Drag/drop has been disabled for the Quote and Credit stages in the SIM
Added a 'Select delivery address' button to the 'Addresses' tab on purchase orders
Allowed users to copy/paste errors from the data import errors
Updated icons

v1.0.6.6 (2nd December 2016)

Fixed KReports erroring when a user tried to print multiple reports at once
Data import has been improved upon to help users figure out where (and what) is causing issues when importing data
Fix for the filter count not being accurate on the Sales Invoice Manager
Improved the performance of grid editing (especially the price lists)
Tablet friendly user interface is now available
Improved results from the helper dialog

v1.0.6.0 (18th November 2016)

The beginning of the mobile UI overhaul, with still more to come!
Added the ability to use a barcode scanner to create and open new stock items, or scan a barcode to add it to the currently open sales order
The stock images tab now has a much more usable and user friendly interface
The Sales Invoice Manager now uses a tabstrip to seperate the different stages out
The side bar (window and document list) has been given a rewrite and overhaul
Improved performance of transitions between items on mobile devices