What’s New

v1.8.1.9 (28th June 2022)

New Feature: Buy and Sell price can be shown on the [Stock List], via Visible Columns

Change: Some controls have been restyled or resized

Change: Plus button, to create a new item, now changed to 'Add New' button

Change: Hints no longer show for controls being edited

Fix: Totals were not showing for [Trial Balance | Account Detail]

Fix: SCS grids, levels 3 and 4, were not clearing correctly if level 1 or 2 changed

Fix: Contacts not showing up after editing customer details via [SOrder | Edit Addresses]

Fix: Edit colour on the main window list did not update correctly when leaving edit mode

Fix: Improved barcode scanning detection

v1.8.1.8 (6th May 2022)

New Feature: ShipEngine courier export now supports multiple Carriers & ServiceCodes

Fix: Stop error when trying to save an Amazon FBA Channel

Fix: Fractional quantities not work correctly in 'Move With' relationships

v1.8.1.7 (21st April 2022)

New Feature: Company Statement tab now has a new 'Archive Period' filter

Change: Accounts Export will prevent Upload when no valid connection found

Change: 'Low Credits' banner warning will now only show for the Admin user

Fix: The sales/purchase history grids in the Stock screen will now auto-refresh

Fix: Some values could not be updated on the [Stock List | Update Stock Items] dialog

v1.8.1.5 (6th April 2022)

New Feature: Grids can now be export as PDFs, in a report type format

New Feature: 'Days Stock' column added to the [Stock Tools | Reorder Report]

New Feature: Unallocated section added to [Accounts | Bank Importer]

Change: Make 'Next Action' date filtering more useful in CRM

Change: It is now possible to Dismiss the 'Credit Low' warning banner

v1.8.1.4 (16th March 2022)

Fix: Opening Balances could not be created via the [Trial Balance] action menu

Change: New columns added to the [Supplier Return | List] - user name and return value

Change: The Country filter in [Sales Reports] now supports selecting multiple values

Change: New colours added to [Dashboard | Charts] to represent values more clearly