What’s New

v1.8.4.4 (31st May 2023)

Fix: Improvements to Email Invoice so Quotations are emailed correctly.

v1.8.4.3 (25th May 2023)

Fix: Resolve error when attempting to open the [ Stock | Sales & Purchases | Purchases ] screen

Fix: Correct the Order Date field against Purchase Orders to show the Date, not Time

v1.8.4.2 (25th May 2023)

Fix: Resolve errors when trying to export using the Third Party courier

v1.8.4.10 (4th January 2024)

Fix: Min / Max levels against channel items will no longer override profile values incorrectly

v1.8.4.1 (23rd May 2023)

Fix: Improvements to Order Imports within the Data Import section, relating to Company Code matching.