What’s New

v1.8.4.0 (27th March 2023)

Fix: Improvements to the Stock Adjustments screen performance

Fix: EORI numbers will now consistently export when required

Fix: Improvements to the Stock Import process to prevent an unexpected tax rate to be applied

Fix: Improved the way in which order references from channels are passed to Ship Theory

Fix: Improved the way in which the Close All button works

Fix: Improved the Company Class restrictions behaviour for Promotions

Fix: Improvements to Stock information decimal places used for Buy Price and Sell Price

Fix: Setting the Picking Location on the Stock Adjust screen will update the Picking Location field against the item

Fix: Exporting grids will now include all visible columns within the grid

Fix: Prevent divide by zero errors when assigning to couriers

Change: Sales Invoice Manager will remember which stage was open when switching back to it

Change: Added requirement that supplier returns be saved once before confirming

New Feature: Keycode information can now be used on reports

New Feature: Held Payments can now have their authorisation accepted or rejected

v1.8.3.8 (31st January 2023)

Fix: Stock Import will now remove whitespace from provided stock codes to prevent creation of duplicate items

Fix: Company imports will now set the Supplier flag as expected to prevent hidden records from being created

Fix: Improvements to order import file validation process in regards to address field validations

Fix: Shiptheory error handling has been improved to return errors more consistently

Fix: Shiptheory will no longer cause errors if the courier doesn't provide a consignment ref or label

Fix: Shipping Rates screen will now order rates by amount as expected

Fix: Build parent items will now show the expected potential level

Change: Xero - SP Ledger entries to export will now be picked up based on posted date rather than created date

Change: Shiptheory will now pick up the County as part of the address fields on shipments

v1.8.3.7 (6th December 2022)

Fix: Xero export will no longer error when attempting to send up data in rolled up transactions

Fix: The 'Synchronise channel setup' task will no longer hit errors if a Shopify channel hasn't had its 'Channel Location' set

Fix: Companies can no longer be created with an (Empty) country

Fix: Duplicate Help hints will no longer appear

Change: Improvements to date picker fields on mobile format

Change: Improvements to performance when opening the Accounts Synchronisation area

New Feature: WooCommerce channels now have a 'Upload Shipment Tracking' option to allow consignment details to be uploaded if the WooCommerce tracking plugin is enabled on WooCommerce

v1.8.3.6 (14th November 2022)

Fix: Correction to how reports are generated for email triggers to prevent errors

v1.8.3.5 (7th November 2022)

Fix: The Xero invoice export will no longer raise an error