What’s New

v1.8.3.4 (12th October 2022)

Fix: Improvements to the channels processes to improve performance

Fix: Improvements to the data import templates to display required fields as expected

Fix: Importing stock items will now warn if duplicate tax codes are present

Fix: Accounts sync will no longer exclude items from purchase invoices when the same item and quantity is present on multiple rows

Fix: Improvements to ShipTheory courier to prevent rate limit errors

New Feature: [ Channels | BigCommerce ] The BigCommerce storefront name can now be imported as an order's Brand

v1.8.3.3 (27th September 2022)

Fix: The dashboard will now show the expected number of items

Fix: ShipEngine will now use the expected address data when retrieving Shipping Rates

Fix: DPD couriers will now use the expected total weight value

v1.8.3.2 (14th September 2022)

Fix: [ Channels ] The 'Refresh valid stock IDs' task will no longer hit errors

v1.8.3.1 (31st August 2022)

Fix: Assigning multiple invoices to the ShipTheory courier will no longer cause rate limit errors

Fix: DPD couriers will now have the correct total weight value when multiple boxes are used

Fix: Accessing the Mailchimp and Sagepay setup areas will no longer cause an error

v1.8.3.0 (18th August 2022)

Fix: [Channels | eBay] 'Use eBay IOSS Number' option will now retain its value