What’s New

v1.7.8.5 (30th June 2021)

New Feature: Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) for handling your VAT obligations to the EU based on new regulation

New Feature: Added Speed Check link to the Dashboard

New Feature: Added the ability to edit the Statement Email template and properties

v1.7.8.1 (22nd June 2021)

New Feature: Label Settings added to [System Setup | Document and Email Settings], for custom label printing

New Feature: Manual labels can now be printed from [Despatch | Quick Despatch]

New Feature: When using PrintNode, documents can now be configured to send to different printers for different users

New Feature: User settings, charts and labels are remembered on whichever browsers or devices you use

New Feature: Ability to in set [User Settings | Interface | Auto Download], for PDF reports

New Feature: Grids will now focus new items when there are multiple pages and remember which page a user was on

New Feature: Notifications now have improved styling and work faster. The 'Download' section has also been removed

v1.7.8.0 (14th June 2021)

New Feature: Some Channels now support 'meta data mapping', which means some custom website data may now be available

v1.7.7.6 (2nd June 2021)

New Feature: Integrated Labels are now available, which can be added to your Invoice, Delivery Note reports

New Feature: Filter added to [Sales Reports], which allows the type of Date to be selected

New Feature: It is now possible to have the system Auto-Issue Sales Invoices (contact Support to enable)

Fix: Purchase Invoices exported to Xero were not calculating their DueDate correctly

Fix: It was possible for a Customer with inactive Contacts to not show in the Company List

Fix: Single quotes were being removed from values prior to save

Fix: Corrected the help for the Company Import TERMS_ID field

v1.7.7.5 (26th May 2021)

New Feature: It is now possible to email (or print) multiple statements from the [Debtors List | Statement Run] action

New Feature: It is now possible to email a single statement from the [Customer] screen

New Feature: Allow consignment numbers to be viewed in [Customer | Customer Services] when an invoice has multiple boxes

New Feature: Added 'Due Date' to the [Purchase Invoice] list

Fix: The category tree for Shopify Channels was not displaying its contents correctly

Fix: Stopped check-list controls becoming too wide when used as a pinned filter

Fix: SCS screen layout becoming corrupt after Cancel Edit mode

Fix: Improved barcode scanning detection

Fix: Refresh button enabled on Sales Invoice Manager grid

Fix: Channels 'Channel Order Types' grid not selecting correctly for some entries

Fix: Order import failing