What’s New

v1.7.7.4 (14th May 2021)

Change: Xero now shows the invoice code that a payment is allocated to

Change: Xero now shows the allocated payment amount for payments instead of the full amount

v1.7.7.1 (6th May 2021)

New Feature: Ability to Show Stock Levels per Site from the Stock List

Change: The Refresh buttons has been removed from most dialog forms

v1.7.6.3 (15th April 2021)

New Feature: It's now possible to have User Defined Attributes (UDAs) against your Stock Items and Customer records

New Feature: Weight and Boxes added to the 'Pick, Pack, Verify' dialog available from [Quick Despatch] or [SIM]

New Feature: Added DropShip and Non-Physical filter to [Stock List]

v1.7.6.0 (2nd April 2021)

New Feature: Sales Reports now support showing Delivery Charges

New Feature: Sales Reports now support switching between the System's Base Currency and the Transaction's Currency

New Feature: Pick Pack Summary Report added to Sales Invoice Manager's Picking stage

New Feature: Xero now supports Batch Payments (also known as Batch Deposits), in addition to singular payments

Fix: Line breaks in Invoice Notes not working correctly

Fix: Prevent users holding down the 'move next/prev' keys in Sales Invoice Manager, which can cause a crash

Fix: Email notifications handled better when working with an invoice without a code

v1.7.5.8 (23rd March 2021)

Fix: Channels stock status export causing crashes with large volumes of data

Fix: Building stock items from the relationships tab not working