What’s New

v1.6.1.0 (27th March 2019)

Added the ability to download Products directly from Channels

Added a new Monthly Sales report to the Reports section

Added the Universal Lookup for searching for codes across all document types

Added Shiptheory Integration as a new courier export option

Added telephone number back to addresses grid in Sales Order screen

Added a banner which makes it obvious when you are logged into demo environment

Added the ability to create new Comm Log entries from the CRM Leads screen

Added functionality to auto-release invoices from Awaiting Date when their date comes around

Changed the Command execute button to open the Universal Lookup instead

Changed all Close All commands - they will no longer ask for confirmation but will never close screens in edit mode

Fix for tab change events firing twice

Fix for Purchase Invoice totals not showing

Fix for New Channel dialog appearing as empty form after first opening

Fix for allow the copying of text from alert and dialog boxes

Fix for grid row height inconsistency with checkboxes

Fixes to the Xero integration

v1.6.0.0 (30th January 2019)

Added an easy way to Add/Edit addresses from within a Sales Order

Added option for a more detailed Shipping export to CSV that can now include item level data

Added new desktop notifications

Added new loading bar, with enhanced loading performance

Added brand selection to customer returns

Added notification count and ClientID to the browser's tab title

Added 4 decimal point support for sales and purchase unit pricing

Added picking note to DPD label, if courier note is not available

Added credit note to email settings

Added option to only sync Sales OR Purchase invoices to Xero

Added currency option to Channels that can be used when a channel does not send orders in specific currencies

Changed the header menu, with some responsive enhancements

Changed the help button look and allowed help to be opened on all grids

Changed the wording of some 'goto' menu items

Changed supplier and customer lookups, filtering will now automatically clear

Changed grid search clearing performance

Changed the grid pager design

Changed grid tags, these will now show their (Hex) value and pass that to the colour selector

Changed Sales Invoice Manager; it will now load the previous stage the user was on if they return

Changed copying a sales order; the new order will now use the customer's currency

Changed data import, company_name is now required

Fix to pinned filters not auto refreshing data

Fix to stop trying to send payments back to Xero that orginated on Xero

Fix postcode lookup to freezing the scrolling of the user

Fix for stock movement not showing the total of movements within the date range the make up a stock level

Fix for the balance sheet not reloading

Fix for the balance sheet filters

Fix for Sales Invoice Manager not always showing the correct count of invoices within each stage

Fix for Sales Invoice Manager not always reloading on mobile

Fix for not selecting rows that are not actually visible in the grid due to filtering

v1.5.0.0 (6th December 2018)

Added Tag Manager to most major grids, to allow you to custom Tag multiple lines with data that is meaningful to you, to aid your processes

Added a new health-check to show purchase invoices that are not posted to the accounts

Changed the way in which grids work with their data - this allows them to handle much larger data quantities

v1.4.0.0 (29th October 2018)

Added a new health check to the system which gives you useful information about your system

Added a new Customer Returns Analysis report

Added row selection checkboxes to the grids

Added sticky columns to the grids so that the first few columns of a grid will stay stuck when you horizontally scroll the grid

Added a few usability tweaks to the grids

Added a new Ad-Hoc SQL reports dialog to the reports screen

Added a Invoice Margin report to the Sales Order screen

Added DespatchBay courier integration

Added Print Invoice/Delivery Note to the SIM invoice stage

Changed the sales reports so that non-issued Sales Order can optionally be reported on

Changed the grid so that the entire row is faintly highlighted when a grid has a focused cell

Fixed some styling issues on tablet/mobile

Fixed the document headers not fixing the top of the screen when scrolling down

Fixed issues in the SIM when scrolling

Fixed a rare error when moving through the grids using a keyboard

Fixed issues with the whats new carousel not being responsive

Fixed not being able to sort grids in edit mode and sorting grids while filtering

Fixed padding issues with dialogs that had tabs

Fixed issues where the presented help text was wrong in certain cases

v1.3.0.0 (13th September 2018)

Added EKM Powershop Integration

Added ability to download Xero payments which are subsequently added to account invoices

Added Email Document Types for companies, defining what type of documents get sent to which mailboxes

Added new grid help dialog to all grids so that you can quickly access column help

Added "Find..." text to the filter bar of all grids to make it clearer

Added new payment button types to Sales Orders to make it easier to understand

Added new "Screen Description" banner to all screens which provides information and links to useful videos

Added a new document button to the screen's title

Added telephone number, email, associated ref, delivery charge and country to shipping csv export

Changed the colour legend to live inside the new grid help button

Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented the correct enabling/disabling of Move Up/Down buttons in the channels screen

Fixed an issue where using a wildcard in a lookup froze the grid

Fixed tags that were sometimes visible in help

Fixed data import selection issues that sometimes occurred when producing templates

Fixed grids removing cell data on every other delete row operation