What’s New

v1.7.4.5 (15th February 2021)

New Feature: It is now possible to change some basic details of a Sales Invoice from the Invoice Manager, including the Invoice Date

New Feature: EORI reference add to Company screen on the Finance tab

Fix: New Price List importer had issues

Fix: Various Xero integration fixes and improvements; pre-checking is now done from an Action Menu

v1.7.4.2 (8th February 2021)

New Feature: it is now possible to Import Price Lists in Data Import

New Feature: it is now possible to Import Stock Relationships (Packs and Builds) in Data Import

Fix: Payment processing not completing correctly

v1.7.4.1 (5th February 2021)

Change: This update is based on a new version of our development platform; there should be no noticeable difference

v1.7.4.0 (3rd February 2021)

New Feature: It is now possible to not send Payments via the Xero integration

New Feature: The Xero integration shows which invoices have been uploaded by colouring the grid items

Fix: New speed enhancements for Channel downloads associated with 'Generic Customer' accounts

v1.7.3.7 (25th January 2021)

New Feature: It is now possible to Assign Stock directly from a Sales Order without having to use the Backorder list

New Feature: Simple Stock Take added to Stock Adjustments, which allows for scanning of stock items

New Feature: It is now possible to Hide unused [System Data | Couriers] so that they do not show on Sales Orders

New Feature: 'Qty Avail' has been added to [Stock | Supplier], to show Supplier stock levels

New Feature: Copy from grid, to copy the selected rows for the focused column

New Feature: Added Dropship filter to [Sales Invoice Manager], to allow highlighting of dropship orders

New Feature: Added Stock Options to the [Bulk Update Selected Stock Items] dialog

New Feature: An Image can now be associated with [System Data | Brands] to show on Reports

New Feature: Two new filters added to the [Purchase Order List], which will show Delivered and Part Delivered orders

New Feature: A free text header note has been added to the [Customer Return] screen

Change: The Discontinued filter on the Stock List is now Tri-State, allowing for greater flexibility

Change: Zero stock levels can now be imported; previously zero levels would be ignored

Change: The [Confirm Shipment] screen is now auto-filtered by the Current Site

Change: Added Dropship Item colouring to the [Reorder List]