What’s New

v1.8.6.0 (June 2024)

Improved: MyDHL courier will now make use of the Hide Child Items option.
Improved: Import processes now handle data more efficiently.
Improved: Xero export process will now export items on invoices to prevent items from not being sent when setup for the first time.
Improved: Warning added when SP Ledger is being exited in edit mode, preventing data loss.
Improved: Grid columns will now truncate data when a max value length is met, resulting in less scrolling.
Improved: What's New popover added for greater content exposure.
Improved: Enhanced the timeout for login sessions to extend the sign-in period.
Fix: Prevent Channels orders from being put into the Manual Hold stage unexpectedly.
Fix: Reports using the pound symbol will now export as expected.
Fix: Select all button not working correctly  when creating a delivery note via the on order list.
Fix: Nominal transaction report display/loading issues.
Fix: Columns not "freezing" correctly when the grids are scrolled.
Fix: Columns not saving and showing correctly within the delivery note screen.

v1.8.5.3 (20th May 2024)

Fix: Using the 'View (as of) date' filter in the Debt Management screen will no longer raise an error
Fix: Going to the invoice from the Sales Order screen will now filter to display only the order as expected
Fix: Anonymising customers will no longer raise an error
Fix: Improvements made to the performance of adding items to the Adjustments screen
Fix: CRM entries will now display as expected
Fix: Weights sent to Shiptheory will now be calculated as expected
Fix: Improvements made when exporting only stock on invoices to Xero to ensure all items are picked up as expected
Fix: Improvement when closing a document after using a Go To action was used
Fix: Drag and drop in delivery note item list
Fix: Improvement to closing delivery notes when created, the user will now be navigated back to the previous screen
Fix: Improvement to the filter popover when used in mobile, which will no longer focus on the first input (opening dropdowns etc)

v1.8.5.2 (3rd May 2024)

Fix: Resolved issues with using the anonymisation process

Restore of double click, which opens record panels

Mobile UI enhancements and fixes

Fix for columns not hiding and saving previous hidden column selection

Fix for drop-ship filter not applying in the stock screen

New Feature: Buttons for lookups will now stick to the bottom of the browser window to save scrolling

v1.8.5.1 (22nd April 2024)

Fix: Invoice Priorities will no longer be affected by Courier Bandings if it has been manually set

Change: Performance improvements to the Debt Management screen

New Feature: Payment Types can now be mapped for channels

New Feature: Allow setting of Account ID for Parcelhub couriers

v1.8.5.0 (14th March 2024)

Fix: Fix for lookups and Supplier filters becoming corrupt

Fix: POrders can now be created from the Reorder screen when filtered on Supplier

Fix: Prevent stock items from being imported that are linked to themselves

Fix: Exporting grid data will now export all visible columns to the file

Fix: Stock Import preview will now acknowledge all lines in the file

Fix: Paid column in the Sales Invoice Mgr will now display correctly in Issued stages

Fix: CRM Log entries will now show the user name if the user is no longer active

Fix: Prevent inactive contacts from being used for Statement e-mails

Fix: The Unallocated Transactions screen will now display its title correctly

Change: Changes to the positioning of OK/Cancel buttons throughout the application to bring consistency

Change: Rework of the help centre

Change: Branding data can now be used on POrder reports

Change: Opening the Statement screen will now cause allocated invoices to be archived

New Feature: Introduced screen descriptions to outline functionality of main screens

New Feature: Copy selected/focused grid row to clipbaord by pressing CTRL + ALT + C

New Feature: You can now scan a product barcode on the sales order screen to add that stock item to the order items

New Feature: You can now click images within main grids to show the image larger

New Feature: New trial management screen

New Feature: Support for drag and drop for Safari MacOS

New Feature: New keyboard dialog design and content

New Feature: You can now sort a grid by multiple columns