What’s New

v1.7.9.6 (1st October 2021)

New Feature: MyDHL courier export type has been added

Fix: Loading speed of large Price Lists on sales orders has been improved

Fix: Bank Importer's Manual Reconcile action has been improved

Fix: ShipTheory export will not show the Company Name and Contact Name if they are the same

Fix: Removed from empty grid lookup columns

v1.7.9.3 (9th September 2021)

New Feature: [Accounts | Bank Importer] added to bring in bank transactions, so that payments can be automatically created

New Feature: 'Date Required' add [Purchasing | On Order list] along with some new colours to show when a purchase is overdue

New Feature: Dropdown lists will now allow for search/select when the list is closed up, just by typing

New Feature: Channel Imports - allow some channels to import without changing taxes (mainly for USA orders)

Fix: Only show Colour Legends on the correct grids; which affected the BankImport and AccountsExport screens

Fix: Prevent STOCK_LEVEL column from being in the stock import file, when the Stock Level Importer should be used instead

Change: Sales Orders no longer save if there are no PrePayment lines and the order is not on Account

v1.7.9.0 (18th August 2021)

New Feature: 'Assign to Courier' PrintNode Printer can now be set on a 'per user' basis

Fix: Xero export - An invoice would fail to export if its address had been made inactive

Fix: Xero export - Payments could have the incorrect date

Fix: Allow lookup filters to show their associated description when the filter is reopened

Fix: Could not delete courier entries in [System Data | Couriers]

v1.7.8.8 (29th July 2021)

Fix: Accounts Export - Stop stock items showing when Rolled-up is on

Fix: Accounts Export - Crashing when too many 'Payment Allocations' showing

Fix: Remove 'Rel. Potential' from Sales Order Item grid - it should not have been there

v1.7.8.6 (22nd July 2021)

New Feature: Live Exchange Rates can now be downloaded and set automatically within [System Data | Currency Conversions]

New Feature: Function to colour invoices in the [Sales Invoice Manager], if they are past their delivery dates

New Feature: Colour added to [Confirm Shipment] to show if a customer has more than one invoice on the screen

New Feature: Credit Controller user added to [Customer | Financial]

New Feature: Rel. Potential figure added to [Sales Order] for displaying how many Packs or Builds could be available

New Feature: Filter help added to explain Pinned filters and Wildcard filters

Change: When editing a [Sales Order] whose Invoice is in an uneditable SIM Stage, the user can now move the Invoice to Staging

Change: Exporting Purchase Invoices to external accounts (if rolled-up), will now use nominal mappings

Change: Stale (when the system thinks the user is no longer logged in) database locks will now be auto released

Change: Channels screen controls have been reorganised and a set-up guide button has been added

Fix: The 'Choose Specific Barcode' grid action in [Channels | Stock] was not working

Fix: Accounts export will use the Sales Invoice's address, not the first invoice address found against the customer

Fix: Get the correct tax rate mapping for Purchase Invoices when they are not taxable

Fix: Goto Purchase Invoice from Purchase Order when the PI was created directly from the PO