What’s New

v1.2.4.0 (6th December 2017)

Added DropShip functionality
Added Stock Level update functionality for your Channels
Added the ability to print invoices from the Archive stage of the SIM
Added extra data to the shipping export
Improved upon the feedback messages presented to the user by making sure the keyboard interacts correctly
Fixed the data import process so that it won't try to import more lines than are present in the file
Fixed an issue with the grid drag/drop counter not showing correctly on Firefox
Fixed issues when exiting edit mode when mobile grid cards had no data present in them
Fixed an issue with the mobile grid cards on the channels screen not working correctly
Fixed the discard dialog styling on mobile devices using default styling
Fixed the grid action delete button sometimes not enabling when going into edit mode
Fixed Apply Value Range applying values to cells that were readonly
Fixed an issue with the delete button on some grids not correctly reflecting its enabled/disabled status
Fixed an issue with not being able to scroll the navigation items on iOS
Fixed issues with actions menus not working in Firefox under certain circumstances
Updated FusionCharts

v1.2.3.0 (6th November 2017)

Added undo last movement action to the Sales Invoice Manager
Added archive stage functionality to the Sales Invoice Manager
Added the ability to show stock images and barcodes on downloadable reports
Added a Balance Sheet / Profit & Loss filter to Trial Balance
Added the ability to search readonly cells in a grid when in edit mode
Added ship/unship menu items to the confirm shipment screen
Added export nominal data to CSV file on the Trial Balance screen
Added the ability to export shipping details from the Sales Invoice Manager so that they can be imported into a courier's system
Added a pinned filter for the company name on the company list
Added a limit to the number of lines that can be imported from one file when doing a data import
Improved the amount of time required to generate reports
Improved the data import to allow for TSV (tab delimited files) to be imported
Improved the Sales Invoice Manager to allow you to drag/drop items into the future stages
Improved the actions menu to hide sections that have no items showing in them
Improved button styling on mobile popover dialogs
Improved responsiveness on the main menu bars
Fixed Touchify errors on the stock item screen
Fixed the data import screen loading files into the browser instead of detecting them as an file to import
Fixed styling issues on the address label printing dialog
Fixed the pie chart legend font size not applying correctly
Fixed not being able to use the arrow keys to navigate through inputs on a lookup dialog
Fixed the download prompt for a sales acknowledgement showing as "Invoice"
Fixed the downloadable reports (SA, IV, QU) using the wrong/incorrect totals/quantites at times
Fixed the customer statement not refreshing
Fixed the [+ New Company] button not appearing on company lookups if you had previously opened one and then pressed the [X Cancel] button
Fixed issues with refreshing data and opening the detail on the CRM
Fixed an issue with the dragging items pointer where it would become incredibly sluggish after repeated use
Fixed average grid columns showing more decimal places than intended
Fixed the grid dragging indicator showing in the wrong place when the page was scrolled down
Fixed being able to drag/drop items to the archive stage in the Sales Invoice Manager
Fixed extended descriptions not being deleted
Fixed extended descriptions not showing new lines when they're initially saved to the grid
Fixed the actions menu disappearing and not reappearing after visiting the "Quotation" stage in the Sales Invoice Manager
Fixed some issues with the actions menu position on smaller screens
Fixed the stock relationships tab on tablet devices not displaying correctly
Fixed the grid search losing focus when a search completed with no results
Fixed not being able to move the cursor when editing an input inside a grid
Fixed the animation setting from "User Settings > Experience" not being applied until a page refresh
Fixed the notification centre being unusable if animations were disabled
Fixed an issue with the help search results
Fixed being able to accidentally highlight all the text in the notification centre
Fixed the Sales Order Payments grid and it's associated panel not updating when the payment method was changed, or a new row was seleceted
Fixed F4 lookups taking focus away from the grid

v1.2.2.0 (27th July 2017)

Added a new and improved data import screen (along with the data import template generator) with much a better user interface and user experience - give it a go!
Added a new feedback system to get your thoughts on the system, including how we can improve it
Added a new error reporting system which no longer logs you out the system and allows you to carry on with what you were doing once the popover is closed
Added a new invalid session dialog to help the user better understand what has happened
Added the ability to copy values from disabled inputs on documents, especially present on the [Accounts | Tax Register | Summary] tab
Added two new actions to the Sales/Purchase Ledger for reassigning Nominal Class and Nominal Account
Added a channel type filter to the sales reports
Fixed some issues with reports (SA, INV, QU etc.) missing data such as totals or quantities
Fixed some issues with labels failing to print under certain circumstances
Fixed an issue with record panels showing the wrong information if you weren't on the first page of a grid
Fixed custom address label settings being overwritten if a preset size was used
Fixed preset address label settings not setting the correct page orientation
Fixed custom address label settings being able to be set to ridiculous numbers such as negatives
Fixed the Sales Invoice Manager stage view getting stuck in awkward positions when returning to the screen
Fixed an error when keys were pressed if you were highlighted on a grid that was searchable
Fixed selection issues and double click issues on the stock relationships view
Fixed the F3 keyboard shortcut for new item not working at times
Fixed an error with the help section if you tried to resize it onto a second screen that was on the left hand side
Fixed scrolling issues on the help section videos area when in popover mode
Fixed issues with grid validation not working if the user tried to save the document before moving away from the cell that they had just edited
Fixed the data filter unpinning itself on the [Accounts | Trial Balance | Account Detail] grid
Fixed issues with filters not working correctly on iOS if they had to be scrolled into view
Fixed being able to type garbage values into F4 lookups
Fixed grid validation error styling so that it isn't cut off on very small grids
Fixed grid tooltips wrapping around without a background
Fixed not being able to print statement after adding a new payment
Fixed "Hide columns" appearing in the grid options when there were no columns to hide
Fixed "Export as CSV" exporting some values as "NaN"
Fixed the [+ New Supplier] button so that the company it creates is actually a supplier
Improved the notification centre to seperate out notifications and downloads, and give more flexibility in terms of the types of notifications you will use
Improved the address label dialog preview window to give a more accurate representation of your labels
Improved the user permissions dialog to show which user you are editing permissions for
Improved report generation so that only the company name will show if it was just a difference in uppercase/lowercase between the contact name and company name
Improved grid filtering to reset the page back to the beginning if the new dataset had less records than before
Improved the tax register screen to show grid totals per page by default
Improved highlight by value to highlight across the entire grid now, rather than just the page you are on
Improved the logout process to allow you to logout even when documents are left in edit mode
Improved the address label printing in the SIM to only print green selected lines
Improved control alignments
Improved the data import process to support UDA columns
Improved the company address/contact tab to hide the contact grid when no address lines are present
Improved code to use "Vue framework" which means further speed improvements to the UI for you, and easier code management for us

v1.2.1.0 (16th June 2017)

Added the ability to generate address labels (with your own personal PPI images) from the shipping stage of the SIM
Added Pack and Builds stock relationships, for selling bill-of-material type items or promotional packs
Added Company | Statement screen now has a swipe action to show allocations on mobile devices
Added extended Record Panel captions when on mobile devices
Changed CRM | Leads screen so that double clicking on a row will open the comm log details into a popover window
Changed CRM | Leads screen so it no longer needs to be in edit mode to make ammendments
Fixed not being able to access the Sales Invoice Manager on tablet devices
Fixed some issues with calls to create CSVs pointing to the wrong place
Fixed an issue in the channels screen where creating a new channel would cause the Move Up, Move Down and Lookup buttons to stop responding
Fixed some templating issues on reports
Fixed grid card swipe actions not responding on mobile devices
Fixed record panels presenting the wrong information if you weren't on the first page of a grid
Fixed issues with Apply Value Range not opening a dialog
Fixed not being able to select items from a grid lookup column when searching and selecting an option
Fixed not being able to change values in the Promotions | Keycode documents
Fixed a bug in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 where you were unable to download CSV files from the Export CSV grid option

v1.2.0.0 (22nd May 2017)

Changed the way company lists open. They will no longer auto-populate and will instead rely on the user entering a filter value
Changed the way help is displayed. Help content has been improved and can remain open while not getting the way of navigation
Changed grids throughout the system. Selection improved, date pickers and lookup values are now more integrated and paging works better
Added WooCommerce and BigCommerce to Channel integrations
Added Extended Descriptions to Sales Orders and Purchase Order, allowing detail to be entered against SO/PO lines to show on customer facing reports
Added Sales Order Lost Demand function which aids with removing back-orders that are no longer required
Improved speed and usability of many components such as grids, date pickers, dropdowns and filters.
Improved the way in which pinned filters work, including adding them to stock and company lookup dialogs
Improved keyboard navigation
Improved drag and drop support in grids, including better cross-browser support
Improved tablet user interface
Fixed some long standing bugs