Go Live With Khaos Control Cloud


This is a daunting task for any business manager moving to a new system. The articles below are intended to guide you through the process and highlight any processes that you should test prior to considering going live. This is to ensure that you are happy with the way you ahve set the system up and that it works for all your business processes. If you need clarification on any area of these articles, please get in touch with your Applications Trainer who will be able to offer personalised guidance.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

This is standard practice when using a new system, you often do this at home when you buy a new electrical item (coffee maker, DVD recorder, mobile phone etc) - does it work how you want it to, do you understand how to use it, do you know how to change the options, have you configured it to work for you? You check out your new item to make sure when you use it, it works as you want and you are confident using it; the coffee tastes just how you like it, you are able to programme your DVD and you have setup numerous ringtones on your new phone!

UAT is intended to highlight any problems or areas of concern before the big day. It is essential you carry out a UAT to ensure that your KCC setup is producing the results you require as part of your business processes. There are three versions of the UAT, each intended for a businesses with different complexities:
  1. Standard UAT - This is a very simple UAT intended for businesses with one or two channels.
  2. Extended UAT - This is a more complex UAT intended for businesses with multiple users, currencies and multiple channels.
  3. Advanced UAT - This is a highly complex UAT covering all areas of the KCC environment. It is intended only to be used by larger businesses with highly complex processes, more than 4 users and multiple sites.

The Switchover Process

This will without doubt be the most stressful moment of your implementation, as well as one of the most rewarding!  There are three things you must remember on the day:
  1. No matter what happens, don't panic.
  2. Initially, just process a single order at a time.
  3. If it starts to go wrong, as soon as you notice, let us know – it’s much easier to correct a developing issue than a big issue. Inform training@khaoscontrol.com as soon as possible!

Step 1 - Stock Levels

As late as possible on the day before going live, import accurate stock levels for each of your sites. Ensure you have processed as many orders as possible before doing this. It is possible you will need to adjust again later if you receive late orders.

Step 2 - Enabling your Channels

This section will require patience and should begin after business has ended on the day before going live.
  1. The day before go live, after business has ended, switch off your existing system integrations with your channels.
  2. Go to one of your channels on your KCC system:
    1. Ensure the Channel Enabled and the Don't Import Orders toggle is ON.
    2. Repeat this step for all channels.
    3. If you needed to enable any channels please wait at least 30 minutes (preferably 60) before proceeding to removing/ignoring previously processed orders in the next section.
    Removing/Ignoring all previous processed orders
    1. From within any channel go to the Imported Orders tab and click Filters.
    2. Switch off both the Order Date and Channel filters, then click Go.
      1. All orders visible to KCC for download will be shown in the grid.
    3. Green select all orders that were processed using your previous system(s).
    4. Click the orange Grid Actions button and select Ignore / Don't Import.
      1. These orders will never import to your KCC system. Orders not selected to be ignored, as well as all new orders, will be imported on to your system.
    Go Live Day
    On go live day the following steps need to be done within each channel.
    1. Load the channel to be enabled and click Edit.
    2. Switch off the Don't Import Orders toggle.
    3. Click Save Channel.
      1. This channel is now live and orders will appear in [Sales Invoice Manager] and [Quick Despatch].
    CONGRATULATIONS! You are now live with Khaos Control Cloud. If you have any issues in the first few days contact training@khaoscontrol.com.

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