Standard User Acceptance Testing


To assist you with adapting your business practices to operate with KCC, you should be testing each area of your business to ensure that your current processes can be carried out in KCC and the outcomes are as you would expect.

To help you get started, we have provided an example UAT which offers some test questions for different processes of a generic business. You can download the document from this page. There are blank spaces in the document for you to add your own test questions - you need to make sure you test ALL of your business processes from end-to-end.

If you're not sure about UAT and how to carry it out, please speak to your trainer.

If you can answer yes to all of the questions it is possible you are ready to go live, although we recommend you speak with your Applications Trainer first. 


When raising purchase orders for the relevant suppliers from the reorder screen, are the safe and min levels correct for your requirements?
Are the documents you are sending to your supplier laid out as required,  for example logo, delivery address, quantities ordered etc.
When booking goods in are they going to the correct site, if using sites?
When booking goods in are your backorders being fulfilled and going into Released in the SIM?
When posting Purchase Invoices are your stock values updating as you would expect?

Sales Orders

Are sales orders being imported from your channels correctly including:
      Couriers and their service?
      Are prices accurate?
      Are notes/gift messages being imported as expected?
      Are the payment details correct?
If manually creating sales orders:
      Are the couriers and delivery rates selected as expected?
      Are the prices for stock items correct for the customer?
      Are any promotions that are applicable being applied along with any discounts or offer prices?
      Is the Opayo credit card payment integration working correctly?
      Are customer contacts and addresses appearing correctly on the sales orders?
If using dropship, are you able to dropship sales orders and is the paperwork correct?


Are you able to print all the paperwork required for sales orders and is the layout correct?
Are customer details appearing correctly on all documentation?
Are emails sent to the correct email address?
Are the courier integrations working as expected?
Is the correct information appearing on courier labels?
Are your barcode scanners working correctly and picking up stock items/document barcodes?


Are your stock levels being synchronised correctly?
Are your delivery options being imported correctly?
Are existing customers being correctly updated with orders being imported?
Is your channel being updated with the shipping notification including consignment numbers where relevant?

Accounts and reporting

Are your bank accounts being updated with transactions as expected?
Are your sales transactions updating the correct sales nominal(s)?
Are your P&L and Balance sheet updating as you would expect?
Is your VAT Return being updated with sales and purchase information correctly?
If using Xero are transactions being updated in Xero as expected?
Are your customers setup with the correct payment details, including payment terms, email addresses, contacts and addresses?


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