Managed Onboarding Go Live Issues

For customers who are entitled to Managed Onboarding this article is intended to outline the things that should be kept an eye on during go live day.

Stock Levels

Ensure they are showing correct levels as early as possible. 
  1. If incorrect check the channel feedback tab for any errors:
    1. If there are no errors shown, then go to the [Stock Item] screen and green select the entire table.
    2. Click Grid Actions and select Mark Select Items as Changed.
    3. Wait for 30 minutes then check stock levels again.
  2. If Move With items showing incorrect stock, ensure that Calc. Rel. Potential is enabled for the profile in the channel setup.
    1. If this is already enabled contact the Tech Team.
    2. If this needed to be enabled:
      1. Go to the [Stock Item] screen.
      2. Green select the entire table.
      3. Click Grid Actions and select Mark Select Items as Changed.
      4. Wait for 30 minutes then check stock levels again.

Courier selection

Should any issues occur on the day regarding KCC's courier selection then check Courier Groups and Courier Bandings are set up as expected. Check this against the order that is incorrect and amend the Courier Bandings table as necessary. If these tables are accurate check the Channel Order Types to see what has been specified - Courier Groups are more configurable than a specific courier.

Orders not importing

Imported Orders - Not Attempted
If the orders are showing in the Imported Orders tab as 'Not Attempted' then set them to 'Retry Import'. This should start the import automatically for future orders. This situation may occur if the channel has been enabled for a long time but the Do Not Import Orders toggle is enabled.

Courier ID/Code
  1. If orders fail to import due to a Courier ID or Code then it is likely the Channel Order types grid needs populating for this order type.
  2. If a 3rd party API is being used and the courier ID has been specified within the API call, this will need modifying to reflect a Courier ID from within KCC and the order resent to KCC (followed by Retry Download).
  3. Courier IDs can be found from within the Couriers table by double clicking the row.
If orders are failing due to a SKU, be aware that it is highly likely other products will also be affected. 
  1. Take note of the SKU listed.
  2. Open the order within the channel itself.
  3. Identify the product on the order.
  4. Open this on KCC and go to the Barcodes tab.
  5. Ensure the SKU specified earlier is present.
If SKU not present
The SKU will need adding to the product as either a barcode or by altering the stockcode (not recommended). If this step is required then other products should be cross referenced against the channel to ensure correct identity, if other products are identified as not being matched, then Go Live should be delayed whilst the issue is rectified. When rectified 'Retry Import' on all affected orders.

If SKU is present
  1. Go to the Channel | Stock tab.
  2. Ensure that the correct Barcode Type is being used for Stock Matching and Profiles.
  3. If corrections made then 'Retry Import' all affected orders.

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