Setup Guides for New Instances of Khaos Control Cloud

Before You Begin
This article contains no instructions on the setup of your KCC system, instead it links to the individual guides that do. If you have any queries about these articles please contact and our Training Team will offer guidance where necessary. This list is in the order the tasks should be completed

System Set-Up

System Values

Most of your System Values settings will likely not need to be changed as the defaults are suitable for the majority of our clients however, please do check all settings as we can not be held responsible for incorrect settings.
  1. General Tab You will definitely need to make changes to this screen, please follow the guide in full.
  2. Stock Tab - It is likely you will need to make changes on this screen, particularly with Stock Value settings.
  3. Sales Tab - If you will not be manually creating Sales Orders then you are unlikely to require changes on this tab.
  4. Purchasing Tab - The default options here are generally suitable for most businesses.
  5. Accounts TabThe default options here are generally suitable for most businesses, unless based in Northern Ireland or if registered for tax outside of the UK.
  6. Companies Tab - This tab is to do  with GDPR compliance for data anonymising and hiding. You do not need to make changes here at this point in time.

System Data

Most of your System Data table will never need to be altered so we have only listed the essential areas below, please do check all settings as we can not be held responsible for incorrect settings.
  1. Sales Source - A reporting tool, however, it is a mandatory requirement for certain channels.
  2. Branding - Only required for businesses with different trading names if KCC needs to produce separate documentation or reports for them.
  3. Couriers - Only needed if you require KCC to integrate with your couriers.
  4. Courier Banding - If KCC will need to make a courier selection, this table must be completed. You do not need to set these up if you only have a single courier service or if your channels and customers decide the courier being used.
  5. Delivery Rates - If you will be creating manual Sales Orders on KCC and wish the system to automatically add on the appropriate delivery charge, you will need to set this table up.
  6. Courier Groups - Used in conjunction with Courier Banding to further limit the couriers available for selection. Your applications trainer can advise if you need to complete this.
  7. Company Classes - By default you will have Retail, Trade and Supplier company classes on your system. If these are the only types of customer and supplier you have then you do not need to make adjustments to this table. If you will be using Amazon FbA (or any POS) we recommend you create a new company class for it with the Search Exclude checkbox enabled.
  8. Sites - Only needed if you have stock across multiple establishments or use Amazon FbA.
  9. Level 1 & Level 2 - If you will be importing stock on to the system via data import or via a channel you do not need to compete these as they will be created for you during the import.
  10. Stock Barcode Type - Only needed if you require the use of barcodes or if your stock is known by different SKUs on different platforms.

Stock Data Import

There are two methods of importing your stock on to your Khaos Control Cloud system. You can import via a CSV (preferred) or via a channel, both methods are covered below.
  1. CSV import - This is the preferred method of importing your stock items as you have control over the quality of the data. Our Training Team can assist you with this.
  2. Channel Stock Import - This should only be used if your stock uses the same SKUs across multiple platforms and does not contain variations or options. Only basic stock item information is likely to be imported.

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