Common Errors for Xero and How to Resolve

Valid Connection Required when trying to export 

This error means you need to reconnect your Xero to Khaos Control. You may already be connected to Khaos Control within Xero.
If this is the case, you will need to log into your Xero account, click on the button within the top right and select Manage connections from the list.
In the connected Apps screen, click on the disconnect button associated with Khaos Control.

If this isn't the case and you have already been disconnected on Xero. You can just connect via Khaos Control by using the action button in the top right of the Accounts Sync screen and press "Connect" which will reconnect you to Xero. 

This should make the Connection status within the Sync Config Mapping area change from a "Connection Status" of "Not Connected" to instead be "connected as <?>"

Account number already Exists

This error means that the contact / company on Xero already existed before the connection to Khaos Control.
This needs to either be removed or you will need to change the name of the existing company within Xero.
Once this has changed, the Khaos Control company should export and you will be able to merge the companies on Xero.

Invoice number must be unique

The error means the invoice number already exists on Xero. This is either from your previous system or this invoice has already been exported.
If this has been exported, then you will need to manually "mark as exported" on the invoice using the grid actions menu.
If this invoice number is already used by an invoice from a previous system, then there are a few things you can do but we would recommend contacting Support to assist.

Other options would be to change the prefix for invoice to be different. This can be found in System Setup > System Values > Prefixes.
Alternatively, if this invoice matches a pervious system, perhaps it's a duplicate, then you use the grid options within "Pending Export" and "Mark as Exported" which will move it to the exported grid without actually sending the invoice.

Validation Failed: Item code <?> is not valid

The error means the stock item has not been exported to Xero.

This stock item needs to exported before you are able to export an invoice containing this stock item.
If this item doesn't exist within the pending list, then dependent on your settings, you may need to check a few things.
If you have rollup transactions enabled, then check to see if this item is now within the exported list as this may have failed and the item may have been exported in the same process so it needs redoing and will be successful. 
If you do not have this enabled, and the item is still not within the list, then you will need to disable the setting "Only Export Stock Items on Invoice".
Once this is done, you can go to the stock item within your stock list, green select this and "Mark Item As changed" which can be found within the grid options. This should then add the item to the list within the Pending List in Xero.
You can then re-enable the setting that you disabled, and from here, export the stock item as you normally would. 

If both settings mentioned are disabled and the item is not on the list, the steps follow the above without disabling the option and re-enabling it. So you can mark the item as changed within the stock list and then export it normally.

Validation Failed: Email address must be valid

This error means that the email address against the company within Khaos Control is not able to be exported.
This will either be a non standard character or contain too many or too little characters.

Error exporting company information, please see feedback for company <?>

This Error means that something else is causing this to fail, you will need to take the company of the feedback and search for this explicitly within the source code field within the feedback tab. 
This will display the error message that is preventing this company from being exported. 
This error message will likely be something already addressed within this article.

Xero id could not be matched. Khaos Control support should clear this redundant Xero company Id from the database (XERO_EXPORTED for company record)

This error is a known error and is caused by information stored in the back end of the system.
As the error states, you will need to contact Khaos Control Support in order to resolve this.
We are looking to implement a method for this to happen without intervention in the future.

No Tax rate / stock item mapping found

This error will usually show in the pre-check within the pending exports.

This is related to the Tax mapping found within Sync Config > Mapping > "Map your Khaos Control Tax Codes to your Account Package Tax Codes" 
Within this, you will need to ensure this is set up in an expected way for all tax codes found within your system. Such as Standard Tax and Zero Tax rated.
If you have set up additional tax rates within System Setup > System Data > Tax Rates these will need to be implemented within this list also.

Trying to Connect but system states "Already Connected"

This has been explained in another Article from the past. The Title is the Link.

Error exporting company - The contact name <?> is already registered to another contact"

Amend the contact in Xero, such as placing a full stop at the end. You will now be able to merge these new 'duplicates' within Xero. 
We would suggest keeping the latest one created by Khaos Control Cloud to ensure that the system will match on this when subsequent synchronisation are run.
To prevent this in the future you can ensure that there are no duplicate contacts within Khaos Control and either merge or deactivate contacts and addresses to ensure duplicates are not being exported to Xero.

Invoice too large to upload to Xero

This has been explained in another Article from the past. The Title is the Link.

Xero Error message "Account code or ID must be specified"

There may be nominal account mappings missing within your Xero integration configuration.
You must ensure the following nominal accounts exist within Xero and that mappings exist within Khaos Control: Sales, Inventory, Cost of Goods Sold, Stock Adjustment, Sales Delivery, General Expenses

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