Xero Error - Pending invoices not exported or payments are not imported


When Synchronising with Xero not all pending invoices are exported or payments imported.


There could be many reasons why this could occur but we have listed the two most common below.

Resolution/Solution 1

If your Xero integration was previously working this may be due to the limits of the API so try again after a few minutes, if no success try again after 2 hours and if the issue still persists please email support@khaoscloud.com with the specific details of which invoices / payments are not syncing.

Resolution/Solution 2

if you are newly integrating Xero in to your KCC system it is essential you follow the guide as missing a step can result in the integration not working. You can find the guide here, Xero Integration Guide. Please ensure you have followed the Before You Begin section of the guide as this contains essential steps. If you have followed the guide and Xero still does not work correctly please contact support@khaoscloud.com who will assist. We can set up the integration for you as a chargeable service, please contact support@khaoscloud.com to arrange this.

Resolution/Solution 3

The email address in the correct format is compulsory for Xero to sync correctly. If it isn't in the correct format, for example a '.' ,then the sync will fail.

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