Synchronising to Xero Error - Contact Already Assigned


When Synchronising with Xero the following error is displayed "A validation exception occurred. The contact name **** is already registered to another contact":


The error message is stating that you already have a contact by that name in Xero and this most commonly occurs due to contacts being created in Xero independently of KCC.


In order to correct this you will need to alter one of the records either in Xero or KCC


  1. Amend the contact in Xero, such as placing a full stop at the end.
  2. Retry the synchronisation.
    1. Repeat both steps if not successful.
  3. Once the synchronisation from Khaos Control Cloud is successful, it would be wise to merge these new 'duplicates' (we would suggest keeping the latest one created by Khaos Control Cloud to ensure that the system will match on this when subsequent synchronisations are run).
  4. From within KCC go to [CRM | Customer Management].
  5. Filter the grid to show the customers where the errors occurred - this may be more accurate by using the postcode filter.
  6. Green select the original customer and the new amended customer.
  7. Click Actions followed by Merge Companies (Manual).
  8. in the popup, select the newest entry as the primary and ensure the Deactivate options are enabled.
  9. Click OK.

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