Perform a Stock Take


There are several steps required to perform a stock take, the following steps are a suggestion only. 


  1. Pause the import of sales orders from the channels.
    1. In the Channels screen for each of your channels, toggle the Don't import orders option to green.
  2. Process and Issue any sales orders that can be despatched.
    1. See The Despatch Process
    2. See How To Use Quick Despatch
  3. Export a list of the stock items along with locations using the Adjustments screen as a grid export.
    1. See Perform a Stock Adjustment
  4. Count the stock.
  5. Enable the Simple Stock Take toggle from within the [Stock Tools | Stock Adjustment] screen.
  6. Use the +New button to add all items of stock to be counted to the grid. You can use the filters to select groups of stock items and also sort the grid on location. If you try and use the stock level import, it will error if the quantities are the same. 
  7. Set the Adjust To field as required for each item. The row will be highlighted in purple to signify it was part of a simple stock take.
  8. Turn on the import of sales orders from the channels.

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