Adjusting Stock Levels


There may be time you need to adjust the quantity of stock into the system, in doing so, this will update the stock nominal. To do this you must have either imported or manually created your stock in the system along with the stock value. This is very important as this is the value that the system will use when updating the stock nominal.


  1. Open [Stock Tools | Stock Adjustments].
  2. Click on the Edit button in the top right. 
  3. Enter a reason for the adjustment, for example entering opening stock. This is important if you need to trace the opening balance adjustments at a later date. 
  4. Make sure the Adjust Type is set to Stock Update
  5. Click on the blue +New button to the top right of the grid. 
  6. Add all the stock that you wish to adjust into the grid. You don't need to do all your stock in one go, but can break it down into manageable groups.
  7. Update the quantities using the Adjust To OR Adjust By fields.
    1. It is essential that only ONE of these fields is populated.
  8. Click on the Save Stock Adjustments button in the top right.

See Also

A video on this process can be viewed here, How to Adjust Stock.

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