Perform a Site Stock Transfer


This video will show you how to transfer stock from one site to another. A step by step guide can be found below the video.


  1. In Stock Tools, open Stock Adjustments.
  2. Double check the Site you are logged in to using the Sites button to make sure you are logged in to the site you are transferring from.
  3. Enter Edit Mode.
  4. Use the drop down to change the Adjust Type to Transfer.
  5. Use the Site To drop down to select the site the stock is being transferred to.
  6. Use the New button to add the stock item(s) you wish to transfer.
  7. Enter the quantity to transfer into the Adjust By column.
  8. Add a note or reason for the transfer if required. Although this is optional, it is recommended that you add a note so that you can track the changes, both adjustments and transfers.
  9. Save the screen.
  10. Confirm the transfer in the popup.

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