Setup Company Classes


Every customer must be assigned a company class. These can be used for promotions and analysis. Company classes can also be set up with default financial information such as payment terms and terms, etc. This video explains the options available and step by step instructions can be found below the video.


  1. Go to [System Setup | System Data | Company Classes].
  2. Click Edit and then click +New.
  3. The following options can be added
    1. The name of the company class is defined in the Description column.
    2. Discount is the default discount that any company in the Company Class will be given.
    3. Terms (days) and Terms (type) are the default payment terms options for Account customers who belong to the Company Class.
    4. Credit Limit is the default credit limit for the Company Class.
    5. Payment Type sets the type of payment that the customer uses, normally Credit Card or Account.
    6. Price list is the Price list to be added to a new customer when they are created if the Price List Required option is enabled.
    7. Calculation method is the method of calculation to be used when selling to customers belonging to a Company Class; e.g. Net for B2B or Gross for B2C customers.
    8. Brand is the brand to be used as default for the Company Class on sales orders.
    9. Sales Nominal is the sales nominal used to map sales to a specific Company Class, so all sales figures will be posted to the specified sales nominal.
    10. Nominal Classification is used to link the Company Class. 
    11. Manual Prices will ignore any promotional prices and the user can manually add the prices of the items in a sales order.
    12. Search Exclude, any customers will be hidden on a Customer List screen unless the Company Class is selected and the filter is applied.
    13. Assign Stock will assign stock to sales orders.
    14. Price List indicates that the Company Class is a Price List.
    15. If Price List Required is active, then a customer with this Company Class can only purchase items contained on the Price List. 
    16. Include in Safe Level means that the sales from members of this Company Class will be included when carrying out Safe Level Reassessment,
  4. Click +New for each additional Company Class required.
  5. Click Save Screen.

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