Configure GDPR Settings


This video will show you how to configure your GDPR settings in Khaos Control Cloud so that you can both Hold and Anonymise company data. A step by step guide can be found below the video.


  1. In System Setup, open System Values.
  2. Click on the Companies tab.
  3. Enter Edit mode.
  4. Set the required text to be used in place of customer information in the Anonymisation and Holding Data fields.
  5. Set the Minimum Days Since Last Order in the Anonymisation section.
  6. Toggle whether or not to anonymise Company Code and/or Other Ref.
  7. Set the Debt Handling Options in the anonymisation section.
  8. Set the New Sales Order/Purchase Order options in the Data Holding section.
  9. Save the screen.


  1. Anonymisation is permanent and will remove customer's data from the system.
  2. Data Holding is not permanent and retain the data but prevent it from being used.

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