Khaos Control Cloud Setup Guide - System Data - Return Reasons


This page is intended to compliment the training you undertake to help you set up your Khaos Control Cloud for your business.
The Help menu is also available by clicking on the yellow question mark button in the top right of your screen or selecting Help from the navigation bar within any screen in the system. It’s context-sensitive and will display relevant information depending on where you are within Khaos Control Cloud. The information includes:
  1. A description of the main page you are using.
  2. Information on the fields within the current screen.
  3. A list of related videos which will guide you through important tasks related to the screen that you are on.

System Data

System Data is found under System Setup from the left navigation bar.
[System Data] is a list of items that the rest of the system uses in its various screens to function. This is the area that you set-up your key central data, such as Customer Types, Tax Rates, Currency Conversions, Stock Types, etc.

To enter any of the areas within the System Data grid double click its line.
  1. From within any area of system data you can enter edit mode via the green Edit button at the top of the screen.
  2. The information within system data can be changed at any time however once it has been used it can no longer be deleted.
  3. Save any changes using the Save Screen button in the top right.

Return Reasons

This page contains the reasons products are being returned by customers. You can also choose to have one selected as the default return reason for when a new return is created - this can subsequently be changed at any point in time.

Once in edit mode you can add, change or remove values in the table.

Adding a new Return Reason

To add a new Return Reason:
  1. Click the Edit button.
  2. Click the + New button.
  3. Enter the name of your new return reason.
    1. You can choose to make this as the default reason by clicking the Default check box. You can only have one default.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 as required for each return reason.
  5. Click the Save Screen button.
The video below demonstrates this.

Changing a Return Reason

To edit a Return Reason:
  1. Click the Edit button.
  2. Change the name or the default status of the return reason(s) as  required.
    1. To make a line as the default reason click the Default check box. You can only have one default.
  3. When finished editing click the Save Screen button.

Deleting a Return Reason

To delete a Return Reason:
  1. Click the Edit button.
  2. Click the - Del button.
  3. Green select the lines you wish to delete.
    1. You can only delete entries that have not been used.
  4. Click the Save Screen button.

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