Toggle Postpone Assignment Flag in Back Order Manager


If you don't want to tie up stock on a sales order with a delivery date in the future, you can postpone the assignment of the stock in the Back Order Manager. This video describes the process you need to follow and there are written instructions beneath.


  1. Go to [Despatch | Back Order Manager].
  2. Click the order you wish to postpone stock assignment.
  3. Click Actions.
  4. Click Toggle Postpone Assignment.
  5. Confirm in the popup.
  6. The line will go yellow indicating that the assignment of the stock items has been postponed.


Note, once stock items have been postponed, the system will not allocate or remove stock from the order and the user must  un-postpone before making any changes.


To unpostpone:
  1. Click the order you wish to unpostpone stock assignment.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Click Toggle Postpone Assignment.
  4. Confirm in the popup.
  5. The yellow line will disappear and the user is then able to allocate, or remove stock, from the order.

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