Client Query - Stock Not Assigning to Sales Orders


An order is in awaiting stock even though stock is available.


The first thing to check is that KCC knows there is stock available.
  1. Go to the stock item record.
  2. Click Actions followed by Show Site Levels.
    1. This will show you what site you stock is currently located in. Stock can only be allocated to orders in the same site.
  3. Carry out one of the two procedures below.

If stock is available but in a different site

  1. Click the Garage symbol at the top of the KCC window and select the site where the stock is currently located.
  2. Go to [Stock Tools | Stock Adjustments].
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Set the Adjust Type to Transfer.
  5. Set the Site To as the site where the stock needs to be allocated to outstanding orders.
  6. Click +New.
  7. Green select the item(s) you wish to transfer between sites.
  8. Populate the ADJUST BY field to specify how many of the stock item will be moved between sites.
  9. Enter a reason for the site transfer in the Note/Reason box.
  10. Click Save Stock Adjustments.
  11. You now need to carry out the procedure below.

If stock is available in the same site

  1. Go to [Despatch | Back Order Manager].
  2. Green select the item(s) you wish to allocate - the AVAIL column is the amount of stock available to allocate to orders.
  3. Click Actions followed by Allocate Stock.
  4. In the popup window confirm this is what you wish to do by clicking Yes and enter the total amount of stock item(s) you wish to allocate.
  5. Click Continue.

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