KCC Amazon Integration Guide (Amazon EU & US Marketplaces)

Before You Begin

This document is intended to be used as a resource alongside the How To Set Up an Amazon Channel and How To Control Stock Levels On Your Channel videos on our Support Portal which we highly recommend you watch beforehand.

Consideration should be given to which courier service you wish to integrate with PRIOR to setting up any Amazon FbM channel to ensure that the service you wish to use will provide a tracking number immediately. 

By default, any channels created in your live system will be activated. If you wish to test your channel integration in your demo system, please contact support@khaoscloud.com asking for your channels to be activated in your demo system.

Linking your Amazon Channels

You will need to set up a separate channel for FbA and Non-FbA orders as well one for each Amazon EU & Amazon US marketplace.
Amazon FbA Warning
If you are intending to set up an Amazon FbA channel it is MANDATORY that you have first created a stock control site where your stock will be managed from. A guide on doing this can be found here, Setting up Stock Control Sites.
This MUST be done prior to setting up any Amazon FbA channels.
The FbA site MUST have stock levels BEFORE importing sales orders.
The following steps enable you to identify and enter the credentials that will allow you to link your Amazon seller accounts (channels) with KCC, and how to configure them in KCC. 
Please note:
Amazon Vendor Central is not supported by Khaos Control Cloud.

Amazon Marketplace ID

As part of the Amazon integration process you will be required to enter the marketplace ID on each Amazon channel within KCC. A list of all Amazon Marketplace ID's can be found here, Amazon Marketplace ID Values.

Amazon Authentication Token

  1. Log into your Amazon Seller Central account.
  2. Go to the User permissions link under Settings in the top right of the page.
  3. Here you will see an option for "Third party developer and apps", please click the Visit Manage Your Apps button. 
  4. From here, click on the Authorise new Developer button.
  5. You will see a new screen similar to the following:
  6. Enter Khaos Control Cloud into the Developer name box.
  7. For UK and Europe marketplaces enter 4299-0833-5971 into the Developer ID box.
  8. For Amazon.com marketplaces enter 4738-1640-5269 into the Developer ID box.
  9. Click the Next button.
  10. Accept the Amazon MWS License Agreement.
  11. Click the Next button.

KCC Channel Setup

The following steps enable you to enter the credentials that will allow you to link your Amazon seller accounts (channels) with KCC, and how to configure them in KCC.
  1. Select New Channel from the blue command button at the top of the KCC screen.
  2. Set the General box as required
    1. Name  This is the name of the channel as it will appear in KCC. It does not need to match up to any official channel name so long as you can identify it.
    2. Type – This is the type of channel which was selected when creating the new channel, it is displayed here purely for confirmation purposes.
    3. Channel Enabled – Determines whether the channel is enabled or disabled. We would recommend that it remains enabled once you have authenticated the channel.

Setting the Credentials Against Your Channel

The following process links your Amazon Channel in KCC with your Amazon Seller Account.
  1. Load the Amazon Channel you wish to configure.
  2. Click into Edit mode.
  3. Enter the credentials that you generated in the Linking Your Channels section above.
    1. Auth Token
    2. Marketplace ID
    3. Seller ID (Merchant ID)
  4. Set the Use Amazon SKU toggle as required. Stock levels will only sync using the Amazon SKU.
    1. Enabled
      1. When this toggle is enabled, Khaos Control Cloud uses the Amazon SKU from the channel products to match on import rather than the ASIN.
    2. Disabled
      1. When this toggle is deactivated, Khaos Control Cloud will use the ASIN from the channel products to match on import, not the Amazon SKU.
  5. Import FBA Orders
      1. For Amazon FBA channels this option must be switched to ‘Only FBA Import’. A stock control site for Amazon FBA must also be setup within Khaos Control Cloud and all Amazon FBA orders will be fulfilled from this site.
      2. In the (Global) options list of your Amazon channel, the ‘Site’ must be set to your Amazon FBA site.
  6. Region to be set to either UK and Europe or US.
  7. Token Expiry
    1. Whilst not required for the channel to function, the token generated above will only last for one year after which it must be regenerated. This box serves as a reminder of the date by which the channel must be reauthenticated.
  8. Click Save Channel.
  9. KCC will contact Amazon, confirm the MWS API credentials that have been provided for the Marketplace ID, Seller ID and Auth Token are okay and link your channel to your seller account. 
  10. Click the Edit button.
  11. Click on the Authorise button in the Channel Specific section.
  12. Log into your Amazon Seller Central account.
  13. You will be directed to an app authorisation page which will show the areas of the Amazon SP API that we are asking for access to.
  14. Tick the Accept checkbox.
  15. Click OK and you will be re-directed to a page to let you know if the authorisation was successful; calls to Amazon will now start using the Amazon SP integration.
  16. Click Save Channel.

Channel Configuration

To configure your channel(s) please see the guide here, Channel Configuration Guide

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