Client Query - Error Message when Importing Stock: Field [Type] Compulsory


When trying to import stock data I am receiving an error message similar to "....Field [Type] Compulsory", what does this mean?


This message is occurring as you have specified a Barcode:Type that does not exist in [System Setup | System Data | Stock Barcode Types]. You can resolve this error in one of two ways:

Method 1

Change your file to use EAN (This is the simplest approach as it already exists in the system).

Method 2

Add EAN13 to the system:
  1. Go to [System Setup | System Data | Stock Barcode Types].
  2. Click Edit followed by +New.
  3. In the new row enter whatever you have specified on your import file and click Save Screen.

After completing either of the above you will be able to import your file.

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