Setup Product Barcodes for Channels


When using Channels you need to setup product barcodes, e.g. ASIN, eBay SKU etc, so that the system can match the stock items in Khaos Control Cloud with your listed products. This video shows you how to set them up.   A step by step guide can be found below the video.


  1. In System Setup, open System Data.
  2. Double-click on the Stock Barcode Type line to open the table.
  3. Enter Edit mode.
  4. Use the New button to add a new barcode type.
  5. Ensure one barcode type is set as default.
  6. Save the screen.
  7. In a stock record, go to the barcodes tab.
  8. Enter Edit mode.
  9. Use the New button to add a new line.
  10. Select the required barcode type from the drop down.
  11. Enter the numerical barcode value in the barcode column
  12. Save the screen.

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