Setting Up Your Documents


When setting up your documents in KCC, there are quite a few options available. This video explains what is available and there are step-by-step instructions below the video:


1. Go into System Setup.
2. Open Document & Email Settings.
3. Select which Document Theme is to be used.
4. Select whether Barcodes should be shown on Pick Sheets.
5. Select whether images should be shown on documentation.
6. Change the Company Name if desired, the default is the Company Name as recorded in System Values.
7. Choose whether to show your bank details for payment purposes on your invoices, and, if so, enter the bank details to be shown.
8. For details on setting up different Brand ID's, please contact support.
9. Select Gross or Net totals on Sales Orders.
10. Select whether to show customers' terms on account payments.
11. Select whether to show discounts line by line on Sales Orders rather than as a total.
12. Use Company Colours will theme your documentation using the primary colour from your uploaded logo.
13. Enter a note to be used on Quotations (e.g. 'Valid for 7 Days').
14. Decide whether to show courier Consignment References on delivery documentation.
15. Decide whether to show Delivery and/or Invoice Contact names rather than the company name.
16. Show Child Items will show pack components on documentation, rather than just the pack header.
17. Company Colour will theme documentation to a desired colour if not using the option in point 12.
18. Enter text to be displayed in the footers of Invoices and Proformas.
19. Decide whether to use product volumetric information on Purchase Orders.
20. Enter the Barcode Type to be used on Pick Tickets, these must be set up in System Data beforehand.
21. Amend document filenames if desired.

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