Refund Cancelled Order when Integrated with an Accounting Package


In KCC there is no option to refund a sales order unless you have issued an invoice. However, if the order is cancelled you likely haven't produced an invoice. Refunds will only sync from your accounts package to KCC and so the first part of this process is to export a credit note.


Before carrying out this process, please read the steps that you will need to do as well as the bullet point below each step as they contain useful hints.


  1. Open the sales order to be cancelled.
  2. Click Actions and select Copy as Credit Note.
    1. You will be taken to the new credit note. Jot the number down as you will need it later at step 17.
  3. Click Actions and select Go To Sales Invoice.
    1. If you need a copy of the credit note, click Actions and select Print Credit Note.
  4. Click Actions and select Move Next.
    1. On a windows computer you can press Alt + M.
  5. Click Actions and select Issue Credit Note.
  6. Click the red X at the top to close Sales Invoice Manager and go back to the credit note.
  7. Click the red X at the top to close the credit note and return to the sales order.
  8. Select the payment tab and note the payment date and amount.
  9. Click Actions and select Goto Customer.
  10. Select the Statement tab.
  11. In the left hand table, green select the payment noted at step 8.
  12. Click Actions and select Delete Payment.
    1. Confirm the popup.
  13. Click the red X at the top to close the customer record and return to the sales order.
  14. Click the black Reload button.
  15. Click Actions and select Lost Demand.
  16. Go to [Accounts | Accounts Sync] and select the Export tab.
  17. Green select the credit note created in step 2.
  18. Click Actions and select Upload.
  19. Go to your accounting package.
  20. When the credit note arrives in your accounting package, open it and perform a refund against it.
    1. We are unable to assist you with this step.
  21. Wait half an hour or so.
  22. Go to KCC and open the [Accounts | Accounts Sync] Import tab.
  23. The refund should be showing in the grid. If it isn't present, wait another 30 minutes.
  24. Green select the refund, click Actions and select Create and Allocate Payments.
After following the process above both systems will have the customer showing as refunded.

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