KCC eBay Integration Guide

Before You Begin

This document is intended to be used as a resource alongside the How To Set Up an eBay Channel and How To Control Stock Levels On Your Channel videos on our Support Portal which we highly recommend you watch beforehand. By default, any channels created in your live system will be activated.

By default, any channels created in your live system will be activated. If you wish to test your channel integration in your demo system, please contact support@khaoscloud.com asking for your channels to be activated in your demo system.

Linking your eBay Channels

Before proceeding with this task please read the following: 
As part of the “Begin Auth” process users are redirected to a popup window to log into eBay. If you encounter the below error it is because pop-ups are being blocked and the process is timing out.
You may need to disable ad-block or pop-up blockers temporarily when initially connecting eBay accounts through KCC.

KCC Channel Setup

The following steps enable you to enter the credentials that will allow you to link your eBay seller accounts (channels) with KCC, and how to configure them in KCC.
  1. Select New Channel from the blue command button at the top of the KCC screen.
  2. Set the General box as required
    1. Name  This is the name of the channel as it will appear in KCC. It does not need to match up to any official channel name so long as you can identify it.
    2. Type – This is the type of channel which was selected when creating the new channel, it is displayed here purely for confirmation purposes.
    3. Channel Enabled – Determines whether the channel is enabled or disabled. We would recommend that it remains enabled once you have authenticated the channel. This MUST be enabled before proceeding to step 3.
  3. Click Begin Auth.
    1. You will get a second browser tab or window open.
    2. Follow the on-screen prompts in this new window / tab to connect your eBay seller account with KCC.
  4. Click Save Channel.

Channel Configuration

To configure your channel(s) please see the guide here, Channel Configuration Guide.

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