KCC BigCommerce Integration Guide

Before You Begin

This document is intended to be used as a resource alongside the How To Set Up a BigCommerce Channel and  How To Control Stock Levels On Your Channel videos on our Support Portal which we highly recommend you watch beforehand.

By default, any channels created in your live system will be activated. If you wish to test your channel integration in your demo system, please contact support@khaoscloud.com asking for your channels to be activated in your demo system.

Linking to your Channels

The following steps enable you to identify and enter the credentials that will allow you to link your BigCommerce seller accounts (channels) with KCC, and how to configure those values in KCC.

Creating your BigCommerce API Keys

The following process is required in order to authorise integration between your BigCommerce account and your KCC account:
  1. Login into your BigCommerce store.
  2. On your navigation menu click Advanced Settings and select API Account from the sub-menu.

  1. Click ‘Create API Account’

  1. Enter Khaos Control Cloud in the API Account field.
  2. Define the Authorisation Scopes – there are a number of these, we’re going to set them all to the highest permission available as the listings feature relies on many of them.
    1. Leave the Store API permissions at the bottom of the list set to None.
  3. Click Save.
BigCommerce displays a dialog containing the key data for your API Account and downloads a txt file (check the bottom of your browser window) with all of the details needed to integrate. 

This is the only chance you get to record this data, so we suggest you save the .txt file somewhere secure.
  1. In the .txt file, or elsewhere, make sure that you save the following key data for your API Account:
    1. Access Token
    2. Client ID
    3. Client Secret
    4. API Path – this isn’t displayed in the pop-up dialog, but it is included in the .txt file.

Setting the Credentials Against Your Channel

The following process links your BigCommerce Channel in KCC with your BigCommerce store and assumes that you have completed the Configuring Channel Settings (above):
  1. Load the BigCommerce Channel you wish to configure.
  2. Click into Edit mode and enter the following values for your BigCommerce Store:
    1. StoreID – this needs to be taken from your BigCommerce store URL (highlighted below).
      1. On our Test account, our URL is:  https://api.bigcommerce.com/stores/ qpuqlynhm0 /v3/
      2. So the StoreID we need to enter here is: qpuqlynhm0
    2. The next three values are as per the .txt file / dialog from BigCommerce:
      1. ClientID
      2. Client Secret
      3. Access Token
    3. Apply Discounts to Header Only – When enabled, single item discounts will be averaged across the entire order.
    4. Download Digital Orders – This enables KCC to download orders that do not contain a physical item, such as digital media sales and licences.
    5. Download Order Awaiting Payment – This is used to enable orders not yet paid in full, to be downloaded by KCC for manual payment.
    6. Click ‘Save Channel’. KCC will contact BigCommerce, confirm the credentials that have been provided and link your channel with your BigCommerce store.
Once the account is linked, KCC will automatically start to download orders from BigCommerce unless the  Don’t Import Orders  toggle is enabled.

Channel Configuration

To configure your channel(s), please see the guide here,  Channel Configuration Guide.

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