Import and Allocate Payments from an Integrated Accounting Package


This video explains how to import and allocate payments, both sales and purchase, using the Khaos Control Cloud Integrated Accounts. There are instructions below the video.


  1. Go to your invoices in your accounts software.
  2. Open the invoice that requires a payment to be processed.
  3. Record a payment against this invoice as per your accounts user guide or current practice.
  4. Return to Khaos Control Cloud.
  5. Go to  [Accounts | Accounts Synchronisation] .
  6. Go to the Import tab.
  7. Click Actions followed by Create and Allocate Xero Payments .
    1. This will create the payments in KCC and also allocate them to the invoices that you paid earlier.
  8. Optionally, you can confirm the payment and allocation by going to the statement screen of the customer record and viewing the left hand grid.

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