Entering a Reverse Charge VAT Expenses


This video explains how to enter reverse charge VAT expenses into your purchase ledger. A step by step guide can be found below the video.


  1. In Accounts, open the Sales and Purchase Ledger Invoicing screen.
  2. Enter Edit mode.
  3. Use the New button to create a new S/P Ledger entry.
  4. From the Supplier lookup, select the qualifying European supplier.
  5. Tick the checkbox in the Service R/C column.
  6. Select the appropriate Expense Nominal in the Nominal Column.
  7. Enter the Invoice Reference.
  8. Enter the Gross Amount.
  9. Enter the Tax Amount in the EC/RC Tax column.
  10. Enter a description for the entry.
  11. Save the entry.
  12. Confirm in the popup.

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