Doing a Stock Take with a Barcode Scanner


This video explains how you can do a stock take using a simple barcode scanner in Khaos Control Cloud. Step by step instruction can be found beneath the video.


  1. Open the [Stock Tools | Stock Adjustments] screen.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Enable the Simple Stock Take toggle.
    1. This toggle, when enabled, will cause all stock items that are part of the stock take be set to zero quantity at the start.
  4. Scan the barcodes of the items to begin the stock take for the item.
    1. The first time an item is scanned it will be placed in to the grid with the Adjust To value set to 1.
    2. The Adjust To field will increase by 1 each time the same item is scanned.


Please Note: If multiple items are to be added at once:
  1. Click +New button.
  2. Select multiple items and then double click on any selected row. These items will be added to the grid with the Adjust To field set to zero.

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