Banking Non Banked Payments


Non banked payments, usually cash and cheques, are not banked automatically by the system like credit card payments. This is because you need to take them to your bank in order to bank them. You then need to replicate this in your accounts. The process is described in the following video and in the step by step guide below the video. 


  1. In Accounts, open Bank Accounts.
  2. Select the bank required by double clicking on it in the list.
  3. Scroll down to the Non-Banked items grid.
  4. Green select the payments to be banked.
  5. Use the Actions menu to select Bank Items.
  6. Cross-check the banked total with the total in the pop up.
  7. Record the paying in reference and the banking date in the pop up.
  8. Click continue in the pop up, the items you have banked will be moved to the upper banked grid.

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