Add Free or Reduced Price Stock Items Using a Keycode


You can use Keycodes to add free or reduced price stock items to a sales order. This means that you can report on the sales and the items sold by filtering on the keycode. A step by step guide can be found below the video.


  1. Open the Keycode.
  2. Enter Edit mode.
  3. Use the New button above the Free or Reduced Price Stock Items grid to open the Stock Lookup.
  4. Double click  on the item to be used for the offer to add it to the grid.
  5. Select the minimum/maximum order value that needs to be met for the offer to apply.
  6. Use the Qty column to set the quantity of the item we wish to be added to the order when the offer is triggered (see step 8).
  7. Enter either an alternative monetary amount as the selling price, or a discount percentage.
  8. Tick the auto add check box to automatically add the specified quantity to the sales order (see step 6).
  9. Save the screen.

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